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One of the more potent listening modes as of late here in the mothership is Holodeck Scenario, a hybrid of free electronics and jazz arranged by M. Sage, optimized for playback in Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s beloved virtual reality facility. Last week, the sequence received a proper sequel, transmitted over the airwaves of Newtown Radio and hopefully well beyond, to the cocktail lounges of another dimension. Holodeck Upgrade, which opens Episode 42, is a gift we’ll accept on behalf of Quark’s Bar, Grill, Gaming House and Holosuite Arcade, a popular hangout in Deep Space 9‘s Promenade. The tracklist must not have made it through the Transporter, but the set runs as follows:

Hour One – Holodeck Upgrade
Hour Two – Holodeck Scenario

S&S Radio broadcasts every other Tuesday night on Newtown Radio.



The last episode of S&S Radio introduced An Hour w/Patient Sounds. These will happen on occasion, where all 60 minutes of sound are exceptionally patient (from the PS catalog). This was followed by a new mix from M. Sage.

Setlist: [PS01]
Rug – uuuuuuuu
Meadowlands – Myleon Dubdub
Radical Guts – (mystery track)
M. Sage – Into the World (feat. Julian Lynch)
夕方の犬 (Dog in the evening)​ ​- ​​forest of slime______68.9%
Kevin Costner Suicide Pact – Wallace
Kites Sail High – Perfection
Foothills – Zero-Point
Aux.Out – They Come in Dark Suits
Lush Cola – Teaching a Bull to Sit and Stay Sitting
Gawain – Pearl Street
Seeami – We’ll Never Make It
Telepathy News – Submarine
Wellington Downs – Climate Concern

Setlist: [M. Sage mix]
Broadcast & the Focus Group – One Million Years Ago
Pharaoh Sanders – Love is Everywhere
The Sea & Cake – Tea and Cake (Stereolab mix)
Pharaoh Sanders – Love is Everywhere (reprise)
Dylan Golden Aycock – Horse Thief Spring
(station break)
Adrian Orange – You’re Free
Scientist – Beaming
Ramata Diakité (Burkina Faso) – Djandjo
Amen Dunes – Swim Up Behind Me
Stan Getz & Gerry Mulligan – That Old Feeling
Neu Balance – Future Goner
(artist unknown) – Kutaksudi
The West Coast Pop-Art Experimental Band – I Won’t Hurt You
Cloudland Canyon – Sister
Black Dice – Night Flight

Next show is tomorrow night, around 10PM on Newtown Radio.

A Singular Continent - Detail


“Something about True North has always baffled idealists. Tectonic plates established to guide the clearer top layer. Fragments of a desired truth, liberated; landscape untouched by the human condition, no need for compass. An English road pierces the jungle. An African herd grazes at the shore of the North Sea. Finding joy in the randomization of manipulation; the globe was slowly reformed from its pieces. Listen again, and I will not think the same. ‘I’ changes. The compass tilts, constantly.”


The work of Matthew Sage is far from foreign to these pages, both as a subject sonically and as a force guiding its very pen. Years have passed since the Rx fascination, the Starling Murmurations… even the Interior Shadows and the great collapsing of Lux. Truth is we’ve never taken to an artist quite like we have with him. His flux narrative: expansive, unpredictable. Our friendship: complicated, collaborative to the point of bias. Yet Nathaniel and I simply can’t help it: this desire to not only support what he does, but to participate in his process, time and time again.

Along came: A Singular Continent. This floating mass of ideas in various zip-filed stages. Familiar Sage-ian sound—guitars, electronics, samples & field recordings—pushed to uncharted territory. A continuation in one sense, and an outright revelation in another. If there’s a land M. Sage’s music tends to inhibit, it’s certainly one that shifts, that takes comfort in vanishing reality and risk in rumination. Violin, cello, saxophone, synth, iron: all these additions made sense in this new, borderless place.

And sure enough the continent would perpetually split and reform, affixing itself to miscellaneous task. Nathaniel found it embedded deeply within his collage-making. Late nights in the living room, surrounded by black and white cutouts. He’d kept all the scraps from Dreams, and with these recordings decided to assemble a new series at random: the very antithesis to Dreams’ geographic precision, a proportionate inverse to that globe altogether.

Iowa-based poet Grant Souders found it in his writing. He constructed four poems—North, East, South, and West—of abstract observations and surreal conundrums, ones encountered while living in these frequencies.

The three elements now become one deluxe artifact: a 2xLP through Patient Sounds and a 36 page book published by Palaver Press featuring all language and imagery (including one unique, handmade collage in each). The album streams above and the book opens below.


A Singular Continent: Book


Pre-order is available as of today. Find full details and digital experience here.


Exactly six months ago today, M. Sage performed his set at CMJ, hunched over a midi and guitar, Nathaniel‘s visual horizon spinning behind him. The rest of us were on the floor.

We are quite proud of this memory, that night, and have decided to re-enact it digitally—audio newly performed, motion collage reconstructed—for drifters everywhere.

00:00 – 03:24 Your Picture
03:25 – 10:56 Tracts of Land i & ii
10:57 – 15:54 Compass (live guitar improvisation)
15:55 – 25:29 Dynamo i – iii
25:30 – 35:37 Stratum Light i – iii (exit demo)
35:38 – 39:01 Into the World (brash edit)