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Formed via email, encouraged via blog love, and funded via kickstarter, the creative relationship between Brooklyn’s Holy Spirits and visual artist, Nathaniel Whitcomb, defines what’s been special about our community in 2010. Above is the latest piece of The Afternoon’s Blood to start moving, and in the next few weeks all of it will (as mentioned by The Road Goes Ever On‘s Cameron Book).

Thanks to a successfully backed project, Nathaniel was flown out from Cleveland to meet the band for the first time and perform together last Saturday at Space Space with fellow collaborators Gem Club accompanied by visual artist BriAnna Olson (pictures below), and again tonight at Issue Project Room. The act will then go west in January.

We all (Aaron, Michael, Nathaniel, Victoria and I) found ourselves hanging in one room on Monday, so naturally this thing called for a snapshot and came out like a roundtable interview:

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A big thank you to all the musicians, FREEwilliamsburg friends/co-hosts, Glasslands staff, and everyone who shared in the spirits on Wednesday. This night was a dream come true.

Here’s what it looked like (we’ll let others do the words). Note: Victoria arrived just after two excellent sets from Kohwi and Zambri and there’s a mysterious lack of shots from Pujol‘s electric showing (they played during open bar), so we’re hoping FREEwilly has some earlier ones in their forthcoming batch.

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FREEwilly and S&S have joined forces to bring you a special night of communal vibes at Glasslands Gallery on Wednesday, October 20th.

We start celebrating this music at 6pm. And we won’t stop till 4am (with the DJ help of Awesome Tapes From Africa‘s Brian S).

More details to follow on the FB page.  Hope to see you there!


Nathaniel from Think or Smile, the man behind our Collaborations artwork, has really outdone himself here.  Put to the gentle sounds of “Fingertips”, the Gem Club and Holy Spirits contribution, this awe-inspiring motion collage brings said artwork and song to life.

Read more about the project here. Order your tape here (only 15 left!). And look for the full digital release at the end of the week.