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Empty, to the tune of silence, to the hiss of thin glass, the shrine throbbed, released from the pressure, relieved of its grief.

When talking “Vespers” with us, Edmonton friend Ghibli landed on a mental picture: a room during some youth retreat filled with dozens of people emotionally letting go for hours—a “venting vortex”, he captioned it. And as such, Thomas likens this track to the physical feeling of having no more tears left to shed. That catharsis runs wild on “Vespers”, latching onto its beat, twisting a choir‘s hymn until completely dry.

This serves as the opening to Clubs, due out next month.


The mind of Ghibli is a fascinating place. At the moment, zen house music and the written Mandarin language are making total sense together in here. Access is available above, and a bit of clarity as to what’s going on, from the man himself, is below:

“I’m taking Mandarin classes and Mandarin’s text is purely pictographic. There are something like 30 to 50 thousand characters in Mandarin but to be considered ‘literate’ you only need an understanding of about 3,000 characters. Those 30-50 thousand characters are divided into 189 subsets called Radicals that feature base themes or super simple designs, which is how mandarin dictionaries are organized (by radical). So from within this absolute sea of characters, there are only 5-10% of which one actually needs. Because inside that 5-10%, one character can easily encompass 4 or 10 different synonyms. Not to mention there are 5-10 characters themselves that sort of mean the same thing anyway. So you could say one word that could mean 10 things at once. Or alternately, 10 words that mean 50 things in succession. And I just think this is the coolest.

So I’ve taken a thorough bred selection of slower tracks that have been passively floating around my mind and anchored them into this mix. From the millions of house tracks that exist, I figure that people could get by on these eleven tracks for a while. I’ve chosen this character 缓, which means slow, leisurely, relaxed, etc.”

Thanks, Tom Mike!


The Society Finch has never lived in the wild. The bird’s entire history can be considered caged, amongst people. And while there’s something romantic about the idea of them all circling above a mountaintop parade, it might be even more satisfying to imagine them, over the next 15 minute ascent, in their own ceremony, finally marrying the outside world.

Ghibli | Societal Finches (Headaches’ The Whole World Married On The Top Of A Mountain Remix)
Ghibli | Societal Finches

New Happenings: Ghibli’s EP of finch variations, and Headaches’ bed ridden Spaced Jams.


Sometimes they arrive staggering in such a way that all interpretation cells freeze and we’re left with no choice but to reply back: what/where/how?

Ghibli | Hollywood Snow

“In Edmonton, the wind is really intense because we’re in the prairies. It’ll just come up and slap you right in the face. I have no idea if it’s the pressure or whatever but you can’t breathe for that second and then you have these weird thin breaths and it makes me nervous and strangely excited. I wanted to take that effect and turn it into audio.”Ghibli