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“I know a place where we can go…”

Leaving land, treading air, and meeting water, over precisely seven slow motion minutes and forty one seconds:

Andrew Sinclair | Black Wall Reach

It appears Andrew Sinclair might have stayed under for a bit longer than usual after a cliff jump at Blackwall Reach (in Western Australia), getting lost in that “forget where we came from” sensation.

His soundcloud continues to ritualize.


Time and circumstance would show that Perth’s Andrew Sinclair probably didn’t intend on these three forces acting as a set. The first two are contrasting variations of the same young prayer, while the last is lifted from the ashes of New Weird Australia’s most recent ritual. But together, they cascade; opening delicately at dusk, closing in a moonlit frenzy.

Andrew Sinclair | FOLK AS SHIT
Andrew Sinclair | STEREO AS SHIT
Andrew Sinclair | Ritual Beat / Stolen Drums