Stadiums & Shrines


Retrieved from the ether, E29 is the show that never was. It features an hour with Patient Sounds (where all 60 minutes of sound are exceptionally patient/from the PS catalog), and a guest mix from midwest zoner ((Husband Material)).

Hour One: [PS03]
Spookfish – Car Horn (extended)
Sun Pack – Goo Dream
Littoral Drift – All That We Make
Wellington Downs – Warblers
Smelly Magic – Anxious Yaks on Mt. Big Breath
Radical Guts – Tiger Trap
Ben Varian – Anechoic Chamber (itchy)
Wiley Zephyr – Unbein myself
Nate Henricks – For sure as shit
((Husband Material)) – Give Her The Gift of Self-actualization
Jerry Paper – Time Spent Waiting
M. Sage – Red Dwarf in E
Particles in Progress – Ducks!
Spires – Calm July
Cochise – Track 14

Hour Two: [((Husband Material)) mix]
Lee Hazlewood – By The Way (I Still Love You)
Clinic – T.K.
EMA – Mud Loop
The Garbage and The Flowers – Carousel
Silver Apples – I Have Known Love
Icarus Syndrome – Max Ernst In The Dikteon Cave With S. Reich
C.B. – Whoa Buck (Excerpt)
Haunted Houses – Laura
Matthew Dotson – Sublimation IV (excerpt)
Gavin Bryars – Hymn III (excerpt from The Sinking of the Titanic)
Cate Le Bon – Cuckoo Through The Walls
Gang Wizard – Feeeee
Grinderman – No Pussy Blues
Jenny Hval – The Seer
Sparks – The Decline and Fall of Me
Bee Gees – With The Sun In My Eyes
LOSTPLANET – Smokin’ All The Time (Twin Window Curemix)
Jesse Stiles – International Anthem
Peter Grudzien – Alone Amongst The Crowd

Next airing is Tuesday, June 23rd, around 10PM on Newtown Radio.