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The latest airing of S&S Radio featured another hour with Patient Sounds (where all 60 minutes of sound are exceptionally patient/from the PS catalog), followed by a guest mix by Tokyo-based artist Takahiro Yorifuji, who records immense and highly immersive work as Hakobune.

Hour One: [PS02]
Braeyden Jae – Wanting Memory
Gunwale – Hilda
Ocean Bump – Superficially and Foolishly
Dura – The Tempest Calm [excerpt]
Hakobune – heathered
The Variable Why – looking at the triangles
Sun Pack – Keyweed
M. Sage – Asleep in the Vestibule (Parade) [excerpt]
L’eternebre – Orange Blood

Hour Two: [Hakobune mix]
Park and Rec – Ida
Parks and Rec – Gather Up
Old Softy – Bags
Peril Hill – Clarion Call
AQUAE – Duas Portas Para Uma Sala
Rie Nakajima – Four Forms pt.1
Střed Světa – Tvorem v tíži země (Basic House Rub)
Blanket – Time
David Andree – Breach (surrounded)
Lucy – Asch Paradigm
Metazmazina – Antagonist
DJ Sprinkles – Oh, Yoko – Seashore (Sprinkles’ Ambient Ballroom)

Next show is Tuesday, May 26th, around 10PM on Newtown Radio.

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