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Deeply east of the Californian coast, there’s a sea named Salton, and a city named Slab, home to squatters in orbit, and travelers en route to a painted mountain. This tie dye dome—constructed with adobe and infinity coats of universal love—is the life work of Leonard Knight, a true bordertown astronaut (and one of the most inspiring individuals I’ve ever met):

Jjango Cleefworth Morriconez | Compañeros Dos
Jjango Cleefworth Morriconez | Bordertown Astronaut

Leonard’s mountain graces the cover of The Poquito Pioneer, a bootgazing concept album (which arrived by mail, wrapped in a map) about a man driving through the desert, finding refuge “among the roadside vendors and immigrant folktales on his way to the home of his youth in the Salton Sea.” That trip, along with one other, is available at bandcamp.