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The tilde (~) is probably the most bird-like of all the characters in the written language. Just an observation, but the simple grapheme does suite this track, which soars between two vocal-centric songs on an EP and could almost go under-noticed in the full context of Die Young. Fortunately, visual artist (and Slow Motion alum) Lluís Panadès Julià saw every color and form it had to offer, and the rest we’ll let him set up:

“Dylan created such an inspiring and beautiful track which, to me, evokes simplicity, pureness, emptiness but fullness at the same time… just music as it sounds and its beauty, without words, many thoughts or meanings, so I tried to depict this visually, collecting the little bits of the world that catch my attention and my sensibility. I shot it in two places that play a huge role in my life, in how and what I communicate. London (where I have lived the last 3 years) and the island of Mallorca (my hometown). In the description I added a quote by Nathaniel Dorsky, an experimental filmmaker I really admire who influenced the making of this piece:

The more we are open to ourselves and are willing to touch depths of our own being, the more we are participating in devotion.’

Much more to see from Panaframe on vimeo, and hear from Happy Trendy at bandcamp.