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On a summer night, under a blood moon in 2014, Chaz Prymek (who records as Lake Mary) and Matthew Sage riffed in a Fort Collins basement and emerged with a set of devotional mountain folk instrumentals called Wolfwalkers in Daylight. That night their guitars aligned in language; a conversation between dark and light; bliss and sadness; a wordless dialogue that feels especially weighted upon playback in 2016. At the request of the artists, these songs are shared today, and dedicated to anyone struggling to process intense emotions.

Here are two poems by Octavio Paz selected and “(mis)translated” by Sage, followed by a few 35mm photographs of the Colorado front range taken at dawn:


If a singular human is dust
Those who cross the plain
Are unified


Fast cold hands
Retreat one by one
The darkness of bandages
Eyes awakening

I am a life
At the center
of a wound still fresh

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Episode 46 opens with an hour arranged by Dev Sherlock. His third time navigating the clouds (see: E10 and E18), as always, a highly considered flight.

Hour number two forms freely, sequenced side by side with our friend Carla Bobrowicz at the studio turntables. Among her selections is Evening in Torpor, an early 1980’s student project that involved 10,000 Maniacs’ Natalie Merchant and Rob Buck (and one of the least digitally available records I’ve ever Googled).

Following Carla’s set, cuts from a few destinations as of late: a recent bandcamp release from Mike Clifford, the excellent Marisa Anderson and Jackie Lynn albums, and a forthcoming EP on True Panther by cellist Kelsey Lu—whose performance earlier this month at Holy Family Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn was something special. Full setlist below:

[Hour One] Dev Sherlock
Off The Sky – Well Worn Sting
[DEX Radio Tashkent]
William Ackerman – Balance
Carlos Nino & Friends – Jupiter Sings (feat Iasos)
Stratus – Tisno
[Radio NZ, The All-nighter]
Jameszoo – Nail
Arizona Dream – Another Life
Brogan Bentley – ______ (remix)
Beyond the Wizards Sleeve – Diagram Girl (Shock Machine rework)
Konntinent – The Coldest Night I’ve Known
[NZ shipping forecast]
Prince Rama – Sochi
Murals – Violet City Showers
Amen Ra feat Octaviour – Gateway
Free – Mouthful of Grass
Troels Hammer – Mother Space (Farbor Resande Mac remix)
Ahnnu – Sugar in the Dark
Rozi Plain – Marshes
Danny Scrilla – Rigel 7 (VIP)
Matthewdavid’s Mindflight – Orange Ganesh

[Hour Two] Freeform with Carla
Jahiliyya Fields – AAAAA
Evening in Torpor – Crumble Dawn
Malcolm McLaren – Madam Butterfly
Chiemi Manabe – Untotooku
Kelsey Lu – Dreams
ssurfacing – i thought i would have remembered
Marisa Anderson – Into the Light
Jackie Lynn – Chicken Picken
HOWES – 109
There Are No Thieves In This Town – Within Your Little Hour Of Grace

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Last February, Dan Goldberg (aka The Spookfish) performed in a sling at Palisades. His guitar resting upright on a stool, he strummed awkwardly and adequately, each focused, wincing movement endearing him more. This personal challenge not to cancel the set (after dislocating his shoulder in a snowstorm) became the essence of the set; the arrangements took on a certain vulnerability in the light of that particular night.

Also planned that week was a session with Brooklyn-based violinist, Nicole Ruggiero. The two had met not long before, and the open-minded newness of their first creative encounter can be heard across these improvised takes, as well as in between them—Nicole laughing after ‘Improvisation 1’, Dan noting fatigue as ‘4’ unravels, etc. Mixing “harmony and dissonance,” frames Nicole, the collection feels like a capsule of a moment. Raw and fleeting, finished yet pleasantly incomplete.

The lead track appeared in Sam Ray’s Art Week 2016 compilation. Now the full set is up at SoundCloud, paired with an image by visual artist Symbios.



Aired well past midnight (oops), Episode forty-five spans new music from Huerco S., Jenny Hval, French pop artist Laure Briard and more, before settling into the entire A Side of a recent tape from Sister Grotto (out on braeyden jae‘s label Heavy Mess).

M/M – La Luna
Irma Thomas – Ruler Of My Heart
Huerco S. – The Sacred Dance
Vincent Bell – Goin’ Out Of My Head
Hubble – Nude Ghost
Thom Fekete – Treason
Laure Briard – Toi et moi
John Fahey – Old Fashioned Love
Ryley Walker – The Halfwit In Me
Softest – Wish I
Jenny Hval – Female Vampire
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Along the Isar
Jessie Mae Hemphill – Take Me Home With You, Baby
braeyden jae – Obscured and Waiting
Sister Grotto – Blindside

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The day of the sun — the only day fish can swim through the hydroelectric arches, and if timed perfectly, and executed with cunning and finesse, can leave the fish transformed. Pitched up the food chain. Scales replaced by hide, and gills for lowing lungs.

Peak fishing season though, as the schools, rustled, shimmer back from coral pastures, crossing the bays. One attempts the rite, quick as light and graceful fins. Yolks the falls, bells all jangling and ripples as it becomes reborn, a bovine wonder. Bullseye.

These men of lures in hip-waders throw lines, now lassoing into their wakes, tangling with horns and snarling their rods. They reel them in and pack their tackle and hitch their catch and creels. One holy head bellows a first and clumsy moo and scares the school back past the breaker.

One fisherman turns to the other fisherman, “I guess we’re cowboys now.”


Saccharine is Montreal-based artists Katie Lee and Rafferty McMahan.

Dreams is an ongoing project where we ask our favorite artists to create a piece of music inspired by a handmade collage.