Stadiums & Shrines


I’m proud to present the third installment in a series of compilations designed to shoot positivity across your skies. Special inspiration this time came in the form of a trip: Victoria and I leave for Peru tomorrow. As always, the spectrum covers some young artists that S&S really believe in, so if any are delightfully new to you, I encourage not only further exploration at their bandcamps and such, but supporting them in future art.

Kumon Plaza, Top Girls, and Teenage Reverb were kind enough to send over exclusive tracks. Ben Wagner graced us with his last ever Hooray! track (fear not, Craig Cruiser rolls on). You’ll also hear Two Bicycles, Teen Daze’s other beautiful project, which deserves more attention. Lovely last minute additions from newcomers Headless Horseman and Zeadron Del Gomez. A very appropriate something from Machu Picchu (who also recommended we try this “super tasty potato dish” in Cuzco). And much more. Thanks all.

Random Rainbow V3

View tracklist here.

We’ll return in a few weeks, hopefully centered, and ready for the music that awaits.