Stadiums & Shrines


The first compilation (or optical and meteorological phenomenon) appeared after a ‘stress storm’, and this case is no different, albeit less random. The tracks themselves have accumulated over the past few weeks like shimmering specs of gold in the rapids of our blogosphere. Some picked up along the way from friends, and others generously straight from the source. And it’s with my utmost excitement that Random Rainbow can debut a new track from Teen Daze, which he tells us was recorded the rainy morning following our chat. The thought of him doing that has me completely glowing. Alongside “Hard Times/Good Times” (that’s a lone mp3 for you gold rushers) are fellow red hot Canadian dreamers Blue Hawaii, Kumon Plaza, Foxes in Fiction, NEON CANYON, and Lester Brown (in a collaboration with MICKEY MICKEY ROURKE). And the equally prismed rest are from all over: Barcelona, Belgium, and of course Dom’s sexy America.

Random Rainbow

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