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Hidden Away


Three photographs dissolve into each other. A sky takes deep, prolonged breaths of blue and pink. There isn’t much to this Patient Sounds-produced visual aid. But the uncomplicated execution, one that almost challenges the eye to find something else hidden within the vista, is all that’s needed. Takahiro Yorifuji controls the rest, bending his guitar ever so slightly, engaging both the negative space and the millions of granular pigments that distinguish pink from blue.

Seamless and Here, the first proper international full length LP from Japanese artist Hakobune, is out June 3rd and available for pre-order now.

Dreams of Argentina


The world’s slowest elevator. A bizarre attraction, this lift, slowly lifting. It wasn’t the lift that drew the curious far outside the City of Fair Breezes to this modern alpine locale, it’s what the lift was rumored to do. That obscure purpose, no one quite knew.

There it stands, a tremendous building—even more tremendous than expected—its edges softened only by the rose gardens bleeding outward, to the pasture’s end. El Edificio, eye to eye with the mountains.

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.”

The bellman’s teeth, in that instant, share the exact sparkle with a glass of wine as it fills just beyond his shoulder, through the foyer, out the window. “To the top?”


The elevator door closes and the bellman vanishes, as do the walls, liquefying, cerulean in tint.

All along the blurred terra, trees sway as if fastened to a seafloor. Stillness, to the unfocused eye, though time is always moving. As are the vantages, and the subjects: glaciers flatten to lakes, horses assume human shapes, roaming. No size is certain. No scene is complete. They press the button.


Doors part on a valley, they exit, now spectators, as another party enters above. Themselves, before again, at another moment, in a tinted fantasia, in an instant.

Watching as the group ascends the aquatic shaft, passing again themselves—in their separate descent.

The City of Fair Breezes, as before it was again yesterday.


Native Eloquence is Los Angeles/Oberlin-based multi-instrumentalist Adam Hirsch. He’s currently recording with plans for a release later this year.

Some Nights Last A Lifetime


In lieu of lyrics, “Some Nights Last A Lifetime” illustrates with tone. A guitar ruminates—psychedelic, somnolent, restless—riffing between the ease and unease of sleep deprivation. Sure, the name helps, but even if this thing were untitled it would still have us dazed and drifting in a dimly lit room somewhere, for what feels like an eternity.

Tomorrow marks the release of Heavy Heart, the latest batch of introspective pop from Steve Sobs, aka our good friend Eric Littmann. The limited-run cassette can be pre-ordered now via Waaga.

Bury The Lines


Tempo spirals. Sirens sound about a quarter in. Deadpan narration follows, locked in an eery, krautrock zen. “Bury The Lines” is doomed from the start, proudly. Just before impact, it takes a moment to savor the nausea: the engine cuts, the beat suspends, the synth wanders, and then it all comes back in flames.

A self-titled LP from Brooklyn-based duo Eaters is out April 15th on Driftless Recordings / Dull Tools.

Albino Deers


A wordless, entrancing little mix entitled The Creation of Greatness can flow in countless directions. There’s a certain charm in going about this one blindly…

Manfred Werder – 2008
Brambles – To Speak Of Solitude
Jana Winderen – Wind Over Old Land
Pausal – Bottom-Up Pause
Harry Escott – Sex Scene
Toshiya Tsunoda – Seashore, Venice Beach, 31 Jul 01
Olan Mill – Pampas (Rurre)
Chris Watson – Valle Dei Venti
Clem Leek – 51°03.773′
Jana Winderen – Sense Of Latent Power
Harry Escott – End Credits

When asked though, Vyvyan Colonna, the artist behind Rome-based project Albino Deers, did provide some additional insight. To summarize: greatness is not only the product of beauty and power, of Greek muses and distant wonder, but also of ordinary darkness, of human misery and loneliness.