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An oddly hypnotic, almost vaudevillian surveillance here, watching anxieties rise and shake to the trembling notes of a piano. It’s all very brief and effective, the work of musician and visual artist Celia Hollander (who’s also responsible for one of last year’s most fascinating albums). The excerpt is from the opening track to DRAFT, a collection of piano-based sketches.

Find the rest at bandcamp.

Contact High


The watery guitar, the janky drums, the blown-out bass, the barely-there piano, the lazy, lingering mirage of a chorus… “Contact High” hits fresh, even if classically sensible. And tight, despite its loose, generally whatever-y warm tone. There’s a drift that PRO TEENS‘ Andy Phipps is messing around. Then again he really has his songwriting shit together here. Unsurprisingly, he’s been up to this for some time now (formerly with St Ranger). And his newly formed band can be found on some bills in their hometown of Phoenix, as well as on a forthcoming split through Arizona ‘desert art’ label Rubber Brother Records.

[image derived from a Klaus Leidorf photograph]

Dreams of Haiti
Dreams of Haiti


Swept out a calligrapher’s window to the end, to a cart en route to the dock, cargo for the open sea. A letter, now in the hands of Haiti, the findings of a crowd. Together they read:

Dearest Little World,

With a heart equally heavy & free, I must relay to you my imminent departure. At once & with permeance (sic), with the sun as it delaminates indefinitely beyond le massif des montagnes. Alas, no ship is able to fare me, nor sugar cane sweeten me, nor contention shuttle me to your embraces; a tidal, a mind’s conflicted chagrin & elation, a fugue on the shores of some concealed amnesia.

With affectation,

The men stood blankly, under many moons and across much blackness, for her presence to indeed permeate. Ultimately, her consonants had been misplaced… her being very much departed.


The Wandering Lake is Fayetteville-based songwriter Brian Kupillas. It’s been a few seasons since his last solo effort (Brian stays busy with SW/MM/NG). More can be expected soon.

(hand lettering by Lynette Sage)

Hidden Away


Three photographs dissolve into each other. A sky takes deep, prolonged breaths of blue and pink. There isn’t much to this Patient Sounds-produced visual aid. But the uncomplicated execution, one that almost challenges the eye to find something else hidden within the vista, is all that’s needed. Takahiro Yorifuji controls the rest, bending his guitar ever so slightly, engaging both the negative space and the millions of granular pigments that distinguish pink from blue.

Seamless and Here, the first proper international full length LP from Japanese artist Hakobune, is out June 3rd and available for pre-order now.

Dreams of Argentina


The world’s slowest elevator. A bizarre attraction, this lift, slowly lifting. It wasn’t the lift that drew the curious far outside the City of Fair Breezes to this modern alpine locale, it’s what the lift was rumored to do. That obscure purpose, no one quite knew.

There it stands, a tremendous building—even more tremendous than expected—its edges softened only by the rose gardens bleeding outward, to the pasture’s end. El Edificio, eye to eye with the mountains.

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.”

The bellman’s teeth, in that instant, share the exact sparkle with a glass of wine as it fills just beyond his shoulder, through the foyer, out the window. “To the top?”


The elevator door closes and the bellman vanishes, as do the walls, liquefying, cerulean in tint.

All along the blurred terra, trees sway as if fastened to a seafloor. Stillness, to the unfocused eye, though time is always moving. As are the vantages, and the subjects: glaciers flatten to lakes, horses assume human shapes, roaming. No size is certain. No scene is complete. They press the button.


Doors part on a valley, they exit, now spectators, as another party enters above. Themselves, before again, at another moment, in a tinted fantasia, in an instant.

Watching as the group ascends the aquatic shaft, passing again themselves—in their separate descent.

The City of Fair Breezes, as before it was again yesterday.


Native Eloquence is Los Angeles/Oberlin-based multi-instrumentalist Adam Hirsch. He’s currently recording with plans for a release later this year.