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The latest airing of S&S Radio featured another hour with Patient Sounds (where all 60 minutes of sound are exceptionally patient/from the PS catalog), followed by a guest mix by Tokyo-based artist Takahiro Yorifuji, who records immense and highly immersive work as Hakobune.

Hour One: [PS02]
Braeyden Jae – Wanting Memory
Gunwale – Hilda
Ocean Bump – Superficially and Foolishly
Dura – The Tempest Calm [excerpt]
Hakobune – heathered
The Variable Why – looking at the triangles
Sun Pack – Keyweed
M. Sage – Asleep in the Vestibule (Parade) [excerpt]
L’eternebre – Orange Blood

Hour Two: [Hakobune mix]
Park and Rec – Ida
Parks and Rec – Gather Up
Old Softy – Bags
Peril Hill – Clarion Call
AQUAE – Duas Portas Para Uma Sala
Rie Nakajima – Four Forms pt.1
Střed Světa – Tvorem v tíži země (Basic House Rub)
Blanket – Time
David Andree – Breach (surrounded)
Lucy – Asch Paradigm
Metazmazina – Antagonist
DJ Sprinkles – Oh, Yoko – Seashore (Sprinkles’ Ambient Ballroom)

Next show is Tuesday, May 26th, around 10PM on Newtown Radio.

Monster Rally


Over the years, the universe of Monster Rally—hypnotic, sample-based exotica and vibrant collage work—has continued to expand and intrigue. Ted’s highly imaginative and productive spirit makes him an ideal collaborator (he was the first artist we thought to dream with). And as such, he’s an excellent choice to lead us all into the second year of Singles Club. The quarterly record club and music journal is releasing its 5th issue, today, with an expansive and beautifully presented digital feature alongside a new single available to subscribers on clear 7″ vinyl.

The A-side above, a vignette from multiple vantages, opens in stride, guided by spiraling arpeggios and real-time narration (“you’re slipping…), before resting briefly inside a beatless sequence. Things then pick up again, in a slightly different groove and place altogether—perhaps a ballroom under the stars—disorienting, pleasant… quintessential Monster Rally.

The B-side, an audio interview, gives a thoughtful glimpse into creative process and beyond. Explore the issue here.



The last episode of S&S Radio introduced An Hour w/Patient Sounds. These will happen on occasion, where all 60 minutes of sound are exceptionally patient (from the PS catalog). This was followed by a new mix from M. Sage.

Setlist: [PS01]
Rug – uuuuuuuu
Meadowlands – Myleon Dubdub
Radical Guts – (mystery track)
M. Sage – Into the World (feat. Julian Lynch)
夕方の犬 (Dog in the evening)​ ​- ​​forest of slime______68.9%
Kevin Costner Suicide Pact – Wallace
Kites Sail High – Perfection
Foothills – Zero-Point
Aux.Out – They Come in Dark Suits
Lush Cola – Teaching a Bull to Sit and Stay Sitting
Gawain – Pearl Street
Seeami – We’ll Never Make It
Telepathy News – Submarine
Wellington Downs – Climate Concern

Setlist: [M. Sage mix]
Broadcast & the Focus Group – One Million Years Ago
Pharaoh Sanders – Love is Everywhere
The Sea & Cake – Tea and Cake (Stereolab mix)
Pharaoh Sanders – Love is Everywhere (reprise)
Dylan Golden Aycock – Horse Thief Spring
(station break)
Adrian Orange – You’re Free
Scientist – Beaming
Ramata Diakité (Burkina Faso) – Djandjo
Amen Dunes – Swim Up Behind Me
Stan Getz & Gerry Mulligan – That Old Feeling
Neu Balance – Future Goner
(artist unknown) – Kutaksudi
The West Coast Pop-Art Experimental Band – I Won’t Hurt You
Cloudland Canyon – Sister
Black Dice – Night Flight

Next show is tomorrow night, around 10PM on Newtown Radio.



The most recent episode of S&S Radio was arranged by Jean, a French artist (now based in Montreal) who designs sound as Triste Marker, Johnny Ripper, Adam Wrong, and Boy With a Red Cap. Across his various projects, there’s a sense of studious wonder, as if driven by a curiosity that never rests. Especially (in the context of the influences/favorites mixed here) his Triste Marker work, which uses field recordings and organic noise to edit “memory into music.” This is confirmed by the thoughtful effort put forth in Jean’s track by track commentary below.

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